Punanga Nui Cultural Market

Elmah Tapora Puapua Mcbirney
Phone: (682) 29 370
Fax: (682) 21 881

Email: pnui@oyster.net.ck

Administered by the
Business Trade Investment Board
Cook Islands
Phone: (682) 24296
Fax: (682) 24298

Email: info@btib.gov.ck
Web: www.btib.gov.ck

Historical Events

1992 - Ground Breaking ceremony by HRH Prince Edwards (15 October 1992)

1996 - Opened by His Excellency Robert Moore-Jones (New Zealand High Commissioner)

2001 - New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark unveils Punanga Nui Cultural Market sign

Since its inception as a community market place the Punanga Nui Cultural Market has been administered by:

1992/1996 - Ministry of Internal Affairs
1997/2003 - Ministry of Works
2004/2009 - Ministry of Agriculture

2010 - CIIC
2011 - Business Trade Investment Board

Funding Assistance

The Government of the Republic of China
Catholic Commission for Justice and Development

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